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Freezer Thawing? What You Should Do

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If your freezer is doing the exact opposite of what it is supposed to be doing, it means your freezer food is about to all thaw out and you have an entire month's worth of meals you have to cook in order to prevent wasting food in your home. If your freezer is thawing out, all of the food you have in your freezer could be thawing out and could all go to waste. To prevent this from happening, you need to make repairs to your freezer. Read on for a few helpful tips to help you repair your freezer and get it working again.

Unload Some Items From Your Freezer

Your freezer may be overloaded with too much food that's blocking the airflow in your freezer, causing it to thaw out and not freeze properly throughout your freezer. Take out some of the food and adjust the temperature setting in the freezer. Then make sure you aren't blocking any of the air vents inside the freezer. Overloading your freezer will prevent your freezer from working properly. It cannot be filled from top to bottom with food, so unload some of it or add some food to another freezer instead.

Adjust The Freezer Temperature Setting

The freezer may be thawing because the temperature setting may be set too high. You should adjust the temperature setting on the freezer and set it lower to prevent it from thawing any further. The temperature setting may be too warm and could have been adjusted by someone by accident.

Clean The Freezer Coils

Clean the freezer/refrigerator coils behind or beneath your appliance. If they are covered with a layer of dust, they are not going to cool your freezer properly and will end up getting too hot. Clean them thoroughly with a vacuum cleaner and vacuum the coils. Wipe down the entire backside of the freezer/refrigerator and move it out of place to get beneath it as well. Remove anything that is covering the top of the appliance and anything that may have fallen behind the appliance as well.

If your freezer isn't working properly and is thawing your food, you need to have it repaired before your entire freezer full of food goes to waste. Hire an appliance repair company, such as Action Systems Solutions, to fix your freezer for you to prevent this waste of food from happening to you. Use the information above to help you get your freezer working properly.