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What To Do When Your Commercial Refrigerator Isn't Powering Up

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When you own a business that stores a large number of refrigerated goods, the last thing you want is to step into your commercial refrigerator and find out that it's not powering up. You may find that all the food in your establishment will spoil if something is not done quickly. 

Check the Simple Things First

The first step is always to determine if the power switch has been turned off. In a panic, an individual may choose to call a commercial repair technician only to discover that they'll be billed for flipping the switch on. Also, make sure that the thermostat has not been turned down. 

Check the Power Cord

Make sure that the power cord is also plugged in. Then, inspect the wiring to ensure that the wiring is running to the unit. You will be able to determine if voltage is present in the wires by using a voltage detector. 

Look for a Tripped Circuit Breaker or Blown Fuse

There may be a blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker. Inspect the fuse box and restore power if necessary. Replace any blown fuses.

You may need to contact the manufacturer of the refrigerator. Each manufacturer may know specific glitches that can contribute to the refrigerator not powering up. 

Call for Help

After you have checked the simple problems that may cause the refrigerator to fail, you may conclude that there is a problem that necessitates calling a commercial refrigeration repair technician, especially if you need the refrigerator up and running before your store opens. 

Connection Problems

The compressor and condensing fans run on 220 volt and the lights and evaporator fan will run on 110 volt. When there is a bad connection, this can cut out the 110 volt, but the lighting and evaporator fan might continue to function. In some cases, the compressor might struggle to run due to a bad connection. 

Don't Use an Extension Cord

If you used an extension cord, this may contribute to the commercial refrigerator not functioning properly. Some manufacturers will even warn those purchasing a commercial refrigerator to never use an extension cord and doing so might void your warranty. 

Rearrange Your Product

Sometimes, the cold air just can't circulate. Under these circumstances, you may need to rearrange the items stored in the commercial refrigerator to allow for more adequate circulation. There might be some food that needs to be cleared out anyway and is blocking air flow.