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When And How To Get Your AC Cleaned

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Many people have never thought about cleaning their ACs. Apart from the visible dust that may settle on top of the unit, many people leave their ACs to run without ever imagining that they need to be thoroughly cleaned.

The need to clean your AC should be apparent. This is the system that supplies the air you breathe in your house. If it's not clean, there is a good chance it could be spreading disease-causing bacteria in your home. How can you tell that it's time to clean your AC?

There is a Buildup of Debris

Debris can buildup in different parts of your AC system especially if you live in certain environments. A tree shedding leaves in autumn can be a major cause of dirt and debris that ends up in your system. A storm can also send all kinds of debris in and around your AC. Clean out your AC system after storms and if you notice any visible debris on the system.

The AC Hasn't Been Used for A While

When your AC has not been used for a while, this allows dust to settle in almost every part of your system. Depending on how long it has been and how dusty your surroundings are, the buildup could be serious enough to require professional intervention. Operating your AC in this condition could spread dust in your home or even damage your AC.

Your Coils Are Dirty

Dirty coils will quickly render your AC ineffective. The coils are used to dissipate heat from the system. If there is a buildup of dirt or dust on the coils, they won't be able to dissipate heat properly. This is one of the reasons why your AC might be blowing warm or hot air.

How to Clean Your AC

Cleaning an AC can be simple or quite complicated depending on the type of system you have. If your system has an outdoor unit, you will have different factors to consider. The condenser coils will need to be cleaned regularly. You may need to use a brush or hose down the system. You will also need to remove any debris trapped between the coils and other parts of the system.

Some air conditioning systems may require the use of special tools to access some of the parts. In such cases, hiring air conditioning service might make the job much easier for you.