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Appliance Tips To Follow

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One of the many tasks you have as a homeowner is to know you are up to the challenge of spotting issues with your appliances, know when you can take care of them on your own and recognize when the time has come to start shopping around for new ones. Here is a short and helpful guide to some of the most appreciated appliances in your home, and information about them that will prove to be helpful.

Your refrigerator and freezer – Your refrigerator and freezer should always be moved and stored in the upright position. Also, when not in use, the doors should be kept cracked open a little, so mildew and other foul odors don't develop. When it is running, make sure you verify that the strips along the sides of the doors are sealing the doors completely when you close them.

Also, make sure you have the temperature set so your frozen goods stay frozen solid and the refrigerator foods are kept cold enough. If you have to keep adjusting the temp and the unit isn't cooling properly, it either needs repairing, or it may be old and close to needing to be replaced.

Your stove and oven – Your stove and oven have a lot of areas that you need to keep clean, and some of them are hidden. In fact, many people own their unit for years before learning of some of the areas that need taking care of. By this time, they will spend a long time chipping away at the old filth. You can lift the top of the stove until it clicks in place so that you can clean out under the stove top. On electric stoves, you can pull out the heating elements to clean them, making sure to keep the plug-in ends dry.

Both electric and gas units have drip trays that come right out for you to clean. When they get old, you can purchase brand new replacement ones for only a few dollars. Most new ovens have self-cleaning mechanisms. You can learn about them by reading the manual. If you no longer have the manual, you can usually find them online. If an electronic stove has an element that stops working, you can buy a new one you just replace the old one with. If you continue having issues, it may be time for a new one.

Your washer and dryer – Both the washer and dryer should also be moved and stored upright. They also both need to be hooked up while on level ground, or they will rock when they are in use, and some parts can be shaken loose or break. Never put very heavy items in them, such as blankets that are heavy and will absorb a lot of water. Always check the lint screen before drying a load and consider using liquid detergent, as the powder detergent can leave residue on your clothing and also in the washer.

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