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A Few Washing Machine Repairs You Can Do Yourself

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If your washing machine has gone on the fritz, things can get pretty messy at your house. Not only will the dirty clothes pile up, but family members may become stressed and upset when a piece of clothing is stuck in the laundry pile. If you are lucky, the service person can make it out to your house in a day or two to get things fixed. Of course, there are a few things you can check and fix yourself if you know what to look for. Here are some of the repairs you can handle yourself so everything gets washed and everyone is happy again.

Machine Won't Turn On

Check to make sure that the plug didn't fall out and the breaker didn't trip. If everything is all right there, check the little button that gets depressed when the lid is shut. If this is broken off, it will need to be replaced. However, if it is just stuck due to a buildup of laundry detergent and dirt, it can be cleaned with a cotton swab dampened with vinegar. Once cleaned, the button should move so that the washer will start again.

Won't Fill with Water

The first things to check when the tub is not filling with water are the valves. Make sure that both the hot and cold water valves are open all the way. If the water still does not fill the tub, turn off the valves and unscrew the hoses from the back of the machine. You may want to have a bucket there to catch any water that remained in the hoses. Inside the back of the machine where the hoses connect should be filters. These filters need to be free of any clogs to let the water flow into the washer. You can pull them out and clean them if necessary.

Water Won't Drain

If your clothes are still soaking wet or the tub remains full after the washer has stopped, there is a problem with the water draining. This could be something as simple as a kink or clog in the drain hose that prevents the water from escaping. You can adjust the hose so it is not kinked or run a plumber's snake through it to get rid of any clog. If this is not the problem, look in the owner's manual to find the pump. You do not need to remove it, but you should check to see if the filter on the face of it is covered with hair or debris to keep it from sucking in water.

These are some pretty simple things to check before calling in an appliance repair technician. Not only will they save you from having to pay for a service call, they will get the machine working quickly so your laundry can get done on time.

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